Nikon D80

I absolutely love this camera. Moving from a Point and Shoot (P&S) to a digital Single Lens Reflex (dSLR) camera wasn't a move that I made lightly. I researched all of the entry-level dSLRs on the market via the internet and got to hold each of them in my hand. The decision in the end was an easy one. The menu system in the Nikon is highly intuitive. Anyone with just a little bit of experience with a high-end P&S could pick up a Nikon and start shooting away. After deciding on the Nikon I then decided to take a step beyond an entry level camera. The Nikon D40 and D50 are nice cameras and I probably would have been happy with either one. Me being me, I decided to challenge myself and go with a camera that I could grow with rather than out-grow. The Nikon D80 was an easy choice.

Anyway, here are my efforts with this incredible camera so far. Enjoy!
Heidelberg Germany Frankfurt Germany Various Royal Gorge Colorado
Red Rock Canyon St Patrick's Day - People St Patrick's Day - Cars Paint Mines - El Paso County
Faces of Fun Lambasted! Spring Flowers Taylor's Concert
Nick and Morgan
Rudesheim and Assmanhaussen