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A true labor of love. I built this site for my good friend Andy Clifton and his band and continue to add new features to this day. The site is heavily laced with images taken at their various shows by myself and also by a professional photographer. These images can be viewed singly or in a javascripted slide show. The site also includes some video clips and some music sound bites.

Kevin, the front-man of the band "Trepan" tells me that he loves how the site loads up quickly and that he enjoys the lack of unneccessary resource hogging gizmos. All too many band sites rely on a heavy layer of "flash" to catch the web-surfers eye and all too often don't give enough information about the band itself. Truelly sad...

In regards to technology, the site was built using TextPad; no WYSIWYG editors for this WebLackey! As far as the graphics I used a heavy dose of Adobe Photoshop.

The AC&CO site's features are:
  • Numerous images
  • MP3 audio
  • Video clips
  • E-commerce with secure purchasing
  • Band contact information
  • Band biographies
  • Band play schedule
  • Guest book
  • ...and much much more!

Green Mountain Studio

While in the process of building the site for AC&CO the owner of Green Mountain Studio saw my work and decided that he had to have a site for his business also. The fact that Randy Block, the owner of Green Mountain Sound is also Andy's bass player is completely coincidental... um, ya...

Going into what I like to call "rapid build mode" (where sleep is an option), I put together the GMS site in less than a week. Truth be told though, the site isn't entirely finished as of this writing due to the simple fact that I am waiting on some input from Mr. Block (HINT HINT HINT!)

In regards to technology, the site was also built using TextPad; still no WYSIWYG editors for this WebLackey! As far as the graphics I used Adobe Photoshop.

The GMS site features:
  • Numerous images
  • Coming soon, an E-commerce aspect with secure purchasing
  • Studio contact information
  • GMS services
  • GMS products
  • GMS facilities
  • ...and much much more!

I have other sites that are currently underconstruction which will be added to this list within the next few weeks!

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