Nikon D80
Frankfurt Germany, March 3rd and 4th 2007

The end of February brought me and my camera to Frankfurt Germany to take care of some family business. The business aspect didn't take up too much time so I was able to spend a goodly amount of time walking around (whenever it wasn't raining). The shots you see below are by and large of the downtown area of Frankfurt (the old town). The river is the Main (pronounced "Mine").

It felt rather odd walking around Frankfurt. I kept looking at these old buildings and thinking that they are very old but only to find out that although old by United States thinking, many were not that old at all. Frankfurt was extensively bombed during WWII and many of the old structures did not survive.

The name "Frankfurt" is rather interesting in and of itself. At the location of the present day city the river Main was fordable and the Franks used it. The word "Frank" in Frankfurt should be intuitive, and the word "furt" means "ford". To learn more about this fascinating city go here: Frankfurt History