Oregon Vacation 06/07

I headed out of Colorado on the 7th of June for some R&R, to be at my niece's Hight School graduation, to see my oldest friend, and to catch up with some of my family. I had a ton of plans for this trip, but soon after landing in Portland I reconsidered my agressive agenda and ended up simplifying it greatly. The trip to the coast through the redwoods got dropped as did any coastal plans. I ended up deciding to stay with my brother and his family for a night and then head down to Alturas to visit with my friend Mike for some golf and vegatating. After three days of this I headed up into the heart of the Cascade Mountains to Diamond Lake to spend a few days with Dagmar.

I had intended from the beginning to make this a photographic trip, and I succeeded! Here are the fruits of my labor. Enjoy!

Nikon D80 Shots

Kodak P850 Shots