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Oregon Vacation

Rudesheim and Assmanhaussen

Stormy Game

Nick and Morgan

DX4330 - The Early Years Z740 - Growth P850 - Confidence Nikon D80 - The New Frontier
Seniors (P850) Rampart Range Road Fall '06 (P850) Seattle and some of my Seahawk friends (P850) Mixed shots
Colorado Passes Christmas Tree Hunting 2006 (P850) Fun with Photoshop Where I Live: Colorado!
Pima Air and Space Museum Goofin' around (P850) Germany, Feb/Mar 2007 (P850) Mineral and Fossil Shop, Mar 13 (P850)
Taylor's Concert


The links at left are to a quasi portfolio of pictures I have taken using three different series of Kodak cameras and a Nikon D80 dSLR. I have been taking photographs for quite some time now, but not seriously until a few years ago with the purchase of my first digital camera.

At first my motivation was to capture as much of Colorado as I humanly could. Colorado is simply photogenic and begs for the camera lens. There is no trick or special places to take pictures. Just open your eyes and Colorado will flood in. Every point of the compass is a photo moment waiting to happen.

I will be updating with new images on nearly a daily basis, so hurry back!

Lonnie Mathis